The mission of the Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition is to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and increase people’s ability to seek help aimed at suicide prevention.


The coalition is represented by individuals in the community from the following agencies or sectors:

Survivors who have lost a loved one to suicide, the Four County ADAMhs Board, A Renewed Mind, Maumee Valley Guidance Center, Recovery Services of NW Ohio, the Center for Child and Family Advocacy, Defiance County General Health District, Defiance County Health Department, Fulton County Health Department, Fulton County Health Center, Fulton County Job and Family Services, Fulton County Healthy Choices Caring Communities Coalition, Fulton County Sheriff Department, Bryan Area Health Education Center, Defiance County Sheriff Department, Northwest State Community College, Four County Career Center, NW Ohio Educational Service Center, Defiance High School, Napoleon High School, Delta High School, Patrick Henry Middle School, Evergreen Middle School, North Central School District OSU Extension Henry County, OSU Extension Fulton County, Henry County Health Department, Henry County Hospital

Substance Abuse:

A growing body of evidence has demonstrated that alcohol and drug abuse are second only to depression and other mood disorders as the most frequent risk factor for suicide. In fact, as many as 25% of all suicides are completed under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   If you or a loved one struggle with addiction, it is important to seek help. Treatment does work, and recovery is possible.  For more information on addiction and the treatments available in our area, click on the link below.

Mental Health Treatment Guide

Drug and Alcohol Resource Guide

Addiction Brochure


10 Year Summary Report 2008 to 2017

Strategic Plan:

Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition Strategic Plan 2018-2019

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